A Demo Reel is a must for actors and artists wishing to come accross as professional and serious about their craft. Choose from our packages to select a reel that best fits you, get copies for your agent, and put it on your website for viewing by all. Below are some examples of demo reels we have worked on. You will notice that there are a lot of special projects as well as demo reels meaning that we can edit and produce any project that you might want to showcase your talents on the web or some other venue. Click Demo’s To View Eamples.

These samples have been compressed to perform for this website. They are only representations of our projects. Any lack of quality is due to the compression and does not relfect the final product when you purchase from us… in laymens terms, our final product to you is much higher quality.

For Demo Reels it’s $180 for two 30sec scenes, $250 for three 30sec scenes, or $320 for four 30sec scenes. (DEMO REELS ARE DONE IN MY FORMAT ONLY! I WILL HAVE MORE EXAMPLES UP SOON)


Graphicsmadegreat Demo Reels went the extra mile when editing my actor reel. They viewed every piece of my footage, and included scenes that best spotlight my versatility. Their customer service, professionalism, and end results shine. I’m proud to share my reel with industry professionals. Thanks.”Visit Bryan Lugo’s at his Website:


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